May 2010
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Topgun International have relocated to a new warehouse. Not far from the old factory in Newton, Topgun is now located at  Magill.

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October 2010

Big Buck World      Click here to view brochure

Play Mechanix Offers You The World

CARLSTADT, NJ - September 28, 2010 - Raw Thrills the number one producer of coin operated video games and the design team of Play Mechanix are very proud to announce the release of Big Buck World! This new game, takes the top shooting series to a new level by combining Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Open Season into one product. Big Buck World makes it a truly global hunting experience and will blow away locations and attract new players with competitive game play and non-stop action.

This newest video arcade shooter from Play Mechanix delivers a wide variety of enhancements and additions. Big Buck World will be available in a dedicated 42" LCD Deluxe, a 27" Standard model and the 120" Super Deluxe. Additionally a software upgrade kit will be available for every configuration of Big Buck Hunter Pro, Open Season and Big Buck Safari. Players will be able to take aim at a staggering 17 animals which include the Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck, new animals in the Outback Safari upgrade. In addition there are 18 trophy animals, 77 crazy critters, 51 scenic Hunting Treks and 255 Hunting sites that cross 4 continents including Africa, Australia, Asia and North America. This new title also offers 51 Bonus Games to guarantee that Big Buck World will be a chart topping shooter. "That's a lot of content to keep the cashbox overflowing."
Big Buck World will open a myriad of opportunities with the unique ability to offer two games in one cabinet. The amount of content will be staggering compared to other hunting games past and present. In addition, a 2 on 2 shoot-out mode called "Team Play" will add a new feature that the most competitive players will surely gravitate towards.
Raw Thrills, realizing that many operators are gearing up for their fall earnings and may have purchased new Big Buck Hunter products for their top spots will honor those purchases with Big Buck World. All purchases from September 1st, 2010 of Open Season, or Big Buck Safari would qualify for a no charge software upgrade to Big Buck World when it becomes available. All product configurations are included in this offer: the standard 27" upright, 42" deluxe, Open Season full conversion kits and the Open Season software updates. This no charge upgrade will consist of a CD, dongle and a Big Buck World marquee.  Offer good while supplies last, so order your Big Buck Open Season or Safari today!
"Big Buck World is the perfect opportunity for operators to maximize earnings on their hunting cabinets," Stated George Petro, President of Play Mechanix.


About Raw Thrills

Former Midway game designer Eugene Jarvis founded Raw Thrills Inc. in 2001 to create the next generation of arcade game entertainment. After creating content for IGT, Raw Thrills has gone on to design and release the bestselling titles Target: Terror, The Fast and the Furious, The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes and The Fast and the Furious Drift.


About Play Mechanix

George Petro, a former game designer for Midway Games founded Play Mechanix in 1995. In the past 15 years, Play Mechanix has created over 40 titles for the Arcade, Bar and Casino industries including the best-selling video hunting series Big Buck Hunter, Big Buck Safari, Deal or No Deal and Terminator Salvation. Play Mechanix also operates the CoinUp on-line tournament system for use with Big Buck Hunter Pro and beyond. Play Mechanix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raw Thrills.

September 2009
Big Buck Hunter Open Season!

Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, the first full-blown software upgrade for the # 1 hunting game Big Buck Hunter Pro from Play Mechanix, delivers an astounding 60% more content over the original video shooter.

The upgrade includes a wide variety of enhancements and additions over the original version.  Three new animals with 15 new treks giving hunters a total of 8 animals and 24 trek options to choose from. With 45 new picturesque sites to hunt new animals such as Mountain Goats, Mule Deer, and Bison, the total number of hunting sites in Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season clocks in at a staggering 120. Nine new bonus rounds were also added to this upgrade for a grand total of 24. Play Mechanix even added another 24 new critters to Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season to enhance the hunting challenge. Last and certainly not least, 2 new big buck girls have been added to this newest edition. That is a lot of content!


September 2009
Australian Safari Champion Decided

Adam Sebastiano hailing from the Olympic Hotel in Preston Victoria will be Australia's representative at the Safari World Championships to be held in Chicago on October 17.

The winner was decided by taking the total score over four months of tournament play, and Adam won by only 129 points to win the $1000 prize and the return flight to Chicago.

The World Championship will consist of 32 players in head-to-head elimination shootouts, competing for US$10,000 in prizes.


May 2009
30% / 50% Small Business Investment Allowance Bill Passes

The eagerly awaited Investment Allowance packages have at last passed through parliament. These 30% and 50% Investment Allowances apply to purchases of new plant and equipment. What’s more, they are in addition to the standard depreciation claimed for such assets.

For entities with a turnover of less than $2 million per annum:

  • Investment allowance NOW is 50%
  • Goods must be $1,000 or more
  • Goods need to be ordered by the 31 Dec 2009 (6 month extension for order)
  • Goods need to be delivered by the 31 Dec 2010 (6 month extension for delivery)

For entities with a turnover greater than $2 million per annum:

  • Investment allowance remains at 30%
  • Goods must be $10,000 or more
  • Goods need to be ordered by the 30th June, 2009 (under 5 weeks remaining)
  • Goods need to be delivered by the 30th June, 2010

For example, if your turnover is less than $2 million dollars and you order (say) a $10,000 machine, the government allow you an immediate deduction of 50% ($5000) and then you depreciate the FULL VALUE of the machine ($10,000). In effect, you are able to claim a total of $15000 for your $10000 asset!

(This is general information only and your circumstances may vary. Seek professional advise.)

May 2009
Who will be Australia's Safari Champion?

Scores from the May, June, July and August Safari Tournaments will be totalled to determine an Australian Champion.Oz's finest will then represent Australia at the Safari World Championships in Chicago in October. As well as any winnings he or she might accrue along the way, the Aussie Champ will win return tickets to Chicago and $1000 in spending money.

December 2008 goes online

December 18 saw go online. This site is the player portal into the Safari's online features. Players are able to view Safari locations, and can easily locate games close to their location thanks to google mapping functionality. The leaderboard and details of tournaments underway is also available.

Eventually players will be able to modify their player data, view their own statistics, communicate with other players via online forums, join hunting parties, and much more.

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