Afterburner Climax Commander

Afterburner Climax is the next generation of air combat. This powerful sequel to Afterburner 2 is built around Sega's dynamic Lindbergh hardware system. It features the top fighter planes of today including: F-14 Super Tomcat, F-15E Strike Eagle or F/A-19E Super Hornet in 4 different color variations and fully loaded with guns and missiles.

Afterburner Climax features 20 new stages including Volcanic Islands, an Iceberg Base, Nuclear Arsenal, plus secret and extra stages.

Critical Commands arise in game play with specific missions or changing enemy patterns, and Climax Mode can be used to slow enemy motion by increasing speed or accomplishing a mission. High-tempo background music also intensifies the aura of the game.

Dimensions: 951 lbs, 66.1"(H) x 46.1"(W) x 70.5"(D)

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Big Buck Hunter Open Season

A brilliant update to the most popular shooting game in history!

  • 45 new sites now totalling 120

  • 24 new critters now totalling 36

  • 9 new hunting treks, now totalling 24

  • 9 new bonus rounds, now totalling 24

  • 3 new animals (Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Bison), now totalling 8

  • 2 new Full-motion Big Buck Girls!

  • Supports CoinUp national and custom play with exclusive CoinUp content.

Phone 0411555559 to obtain current pricing!

(Visit for the player's portal to the CoinUp tournament system.)

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Big Buck Safari

The number one hunting game is going wild!

From the imaginations at Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills comes Safari - an action packed hunting game that brings new and exciting challenges to players and increased earning potential to operators.

Currently returning recession-busting takes, especially those games participating in CoinUp tournaments.

(Visit for the player's portal to the CoinUp tournament system.)

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Big Sweet Land

The flagship of all prize machines!


  • Dynamic jackpot action

  • Various bonus modes

  • You can vend large boxes

  • Two forms of prize-stock mechanisms

  • Up to six players simultaneously

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Bonus Time 31"

Plush and Candy Crane

$3650 Including GST

Chocolate Machines

Width 86.5cm
Depth 80cm
Height 197cm

Choice of color! Chocolate, Green, Purple, or Yellow

$3500 including GST

(Extra $550 including GST for Refrigerated unit)


Family Bowl

Width 63.5cm
Depth 204cm
Height 180cm


1.Insert coin(s) to start the game.
2.Select the gaming mode.
3.Throw the ball to beat the targets.
4.Get tickets according to your results.


$5500 including GST


Dream Bowl

A real revolution in bowling games, the screen on DreamBowl shows a distant target for the players to aim at which gives the game a more authentic feel and much more interesting in attract mode.

Works as a standalone game or as a ticket dispensor.


Width 720mm
Depth 2110mm
Height 1850mm


$5500 including GST


The Fast and the Furious


  • Height: 78"

  • Width: 34"

  • Depth: 63"

  • Weight: 643 lb

THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS brings the movie to life with 12 action-packed tracks, 17 tricked-out rides,and a cardless ID system that lets players build their own custom car collection!


The Fast and the Furious Superbikes

The Fast and the Furious: Super Bikes is the latest game from Raw Thrills and it is the second game inspired by the hit movie franchise. This time the action is not confined to the United States, breathtaking locales From Shanghai to Monaco, Sturgis to Switzerland and others. 

Super Bikes features 12 licensed motorcycles from the world's top manufacturers including Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki and Suzuki. In true F n' F style, you have total control over the look of your bike by adding engine upgrades, different body mods, NOS and much more. Saving your garage full of tricked out bikes is easy with the keypad, no more losing cards or keys.
You also get to pick from 12 different riders on Super Bikes. From the hard-core biker gangster to the hot blonde, you get to choose who gets to handle your ride. The riders also have over 30 different tricks that they can perform, including barrel rolls, helicopters and most importantly, drifting.
Drifting (AKA Power Slides) is a huge part of Super Bikes and it can mean the difference between first and fourth place. Learn to master this skill and you are going to be able to take anything that these challenging courses can throw at you.

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The Fast and the Furious Superbikes 2

Raw Thrills' has done it again with Super Bikes 2 ! Sup Bikes 2 is the sequel to the mega-hit motorcycle racing game. A totally redesigned compact cabinet allows the game to be placed in virtually any location.

A 42” LCD panel for HD graphics allows players to feel like they are part of the action. Super Bikes 2 features 11 all-new challenging race courses, 12 all-new super charged bikes and 9 all-new awsome riders to pick from.

Customise bikes with all-new upgrade options and easily save your player profile with keypad entry. Links up to 8 seats for competitive racing against friends.

Game Features

42” LCD Panel

Compact Cabinet

The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift


  • New Tracks with Deeper Gameplay – 21 Total Courses
    The Drift Tour takes you through the six new courses and once you complete the new Japanese courses, the final track or “boss track” opens up and it is a mash up of the new tracks. The drift tour will keep the hardcore fans coming back.


  • Cabinet Design is Flashier and Has Lower Maintenance The cabinet is a flashy machine with bright colors and decals printed on foil that eliminates the need for more lights. The floor is now diamond plated to look flashier and last much longer.

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1. Six playing stations in ONE cabinet!
2. Quick coin redemption action
3. Electronic coin comparitors
4. Deltronic ticket dispensers
5. Six levels of difficulty
6. Operator adjustable jackpot
7. Six speaker sound with HD audio.

Width 1430mm, Depth 1275mm, Height 2620mm
Weight 293kg

Price : $11995 including GST

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Ghost Bowling

1. Insert coins, ball-blocking valve switched on, the game starts.
2. Fling balls into the score holes to score. The machine dispenses corresponding tickets.
3. When SCORE gets above the score instructed on the lattice screen, player wins Bonus and gets Bonus tickets.
4. When tickets are paid out, the game ends.

Width 1120mm, Depth 1120mm, Height 1610mm
Weight 200kg

$5500 Including GST

Guitar Heroes

Rock The Day Or Night Away

Raw Thrills, Konami and Activision collaborate to bring one of the hottest entertainment franchises to Coin-Op-Guitar Hero Arcade! This 2-player upright cabinet has been developed and designed to draw fans & players out of their homes and into locations where a commercial arcade version can be found.

Guitar Hero Arcade offers players the chance to select their favorite song from a library of 50 popular titles. Choose either lead or bass guitar and rock with your favorite band. A 32" LCD monitor allows the player to join the band on stage and the High-Def Graphics give the players an in-your-face experience, unique to arcade play. Equipped with 2 Enduro-AX Industrial strength guitars, an 8 speaker sound system and over 400 LEDs Guitar Hero Arcade will turn any location into a concert hall.

With a little promotion, operators can increase weekly revenue by turning any night at their locations into a profitable Guitar Hero Arcade competition night!

Height: 85.5" Width: 39.5" Depth: 33" Weight: 446lb

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H2O Overdrive

Go Into Overdrive

H2Overdrive is the latest creation from Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive. H2O features 9 high-powered boats to choose from to cruise through 7 watery tracks from around the world. Each track contains plenty of jumps and secret paths to explore, just make sure to collect boosters and super boosters to enhance the performance of the boats.

A 42" hi-def LCD panel delivers "in-your-face" stunning Next-Gen graphics. Force-feedback steering, beefed-up throttle and a powerful seat subwoofer immerse players in the high-speed action.

Players are able to create a profile to save accomplishments, which keeps them coming back for more. Create even more competition by linking up to 8 cabinets.

Height: 84" Width: 44" Depth: 36", 67" with seat

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Happy House 31"

Plush and Candy Crane

$3250 Including GST

Hollywood Reels

Hollywood Reels is the hit game from family company Jennison Entertainment Technologies. In Hollywood Reels, the action is quick and exciting, because timing is everything on this two player coin-roll down redemption game. Players roll their coins down the ramp to get as many tickets as possible by hitting the targets of the moving film reel. Most of the targets are worth 7, 11 or 15 tickets and there are also two different bonus targets.

The first bonus is the Ticket Bonus and the action moves to the playfield where the different tickets amounts light up quickly by pushing the Bonus Stop button at the right time. The Fireworks Bonus is similar to the Ticket Bonus, but the action is on the display and the stakes are even higher. The progressive jackpot is available in the Fireworks Bonus only and this will have players of all ages vying for the big payout.

Height: 78" Width: 42" Depth: 60" Weight: 550lb

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Let's Go Out To The Lobby...

Intermission is another creative creation by the folks at Jennison Entertainment Technologies. This single player quick coin game has a great retro movie theater theme that will grab everyone's attention. This game is a rolldown-style game that challenges the player to have perfect timing to get the progressive jackpot.

The game features a bright cabinet with high intensity LED lighting and complete control of all ticket payout settings. Intermission features 3 characters that have overtaken the concession stand in the Hollywood Reels Theater and are teasing the player to "buy" some goodies.

Height: 72" Width: 28" Depth: 48" Weight: 350lb

Let's Go Jungle

Step into a Jeep and fight all the Jungle creatures to survive,this game is suitable for all ages to enjoy

Need For Speed Underground

Underground takes racing to the streets. Build and race the ultimate urban exotic!

Take control of top import street tuners like Toyota Celica, Nissan 350Z, Mitsubishi Eclipse and the exclusive Nissan Skyline GTR. Play Career and customize your car with licensed aftermarket parts to build your own unique ride.

Force-feedback steering, surround sound and a 6-speed shifter make Need for Speed Underground a truly engaging driving experience.

• Linkable - allowing up to 4 players to compete in blistering head-to-head competition.

• Career Mode - allows players to choose their car and compete in a series of 81 races, earning custom performance parts and upgrades along the way..

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Nicktoons Nitro

Nicktoons Nitro Racing is the first arcade-exclusive racing game of its kind! Nicktoons Nitro puts you in control of Spongebob Squarepants, Timmy Turner, Avatar Aang, Invader Zim, Jimmy Neutron, and Danny Phantom as you race on 6 tracks inspired by the hit Nicktoons TV shows.

Nicktoons Nitro Racing has been playtested more than any Raw Thrills racer to date, to guarantee a fun game and high replay value. Kids of all ages can sit down at the game and have a fun, competitive time together.

Nicktoons Nitro Racing comes standard with a 27" VGA Monitor, super-high profile marquee, powerful sound system, and a highly-adjustable seat pedestal. Powered by a state-of-the-art DELL Computer, Nicktoons Nitro features 7 full-length tracks and 7 selectable characters, including a climactic race against the evil Nitro! Nicktoons Nitro can be linked to 6 positions for even more fun and earnings potential.

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Experience the Thrill of NASCAR® Racing!

EA SPORTS NASCAR Racing gives players the thrill of the NASCAR racing experience equaled only by the real thing. From the cars, to the drivers, to the NASCAR-Sanctioned Tracks, this racing masterpiece will be seen in locations for years to come. It's the only game with 6 licensed tracks, including Daytona™, Bristol™ and Talladega™. Selectable drivers include Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#8), Jeff Gordon (#24) plus many more. All tracks, drivers and drivers' cars are accurate in every detail.

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Putt! Golf

A Hole-In-One For Any Location

Putt! Championship Edition is the first ever video golf game to use a real putter and golf ball. Two nine hole courses equals 18 holes of challenging and competitive miniature golf play.

The cabinet comes equipped with a 32" LCD panel that gives players a breath-taking view of the highly detailed mini golf holes.

4-player action encourages friendly competition between friends and families of all ages. Secret short cuts are also placed throughout the game and are designed to help improve players' scores and promote repeat play.

Putt! will be loved by players of all ages making it a game that you can put in a variety of different places including movie theaters, FECs, bowling centers, sports bars, taverns, etc.

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Shooting Hoops

$3950 Including GST

Smart Hammer

Width 600mm
Depth 1000mm
Height 2200mm
Weight 300KG

$4250 Including GST

Spongebob Squarepants Jellyfishing

Get Ready To Do Some JellyFishing

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! One of the most popular cartoon characters of all time is coming to your location with SpongeBob SquarePants JellyFishing. This simple, but fun game challenges the player to stop the spinning SpongeBob on the highest number of tickets possible.

This game has proven durability as well as long-lived popularity. SpongeBob SquarePants is still one of the most viewed cable television programs by children and adults alike. Put the power of the sponge in your location.

Height: 74" Width: 38" Depth: 28" Weight: 285lb

Toy Story 31"

Single Arm Crane

$2950 Including GST

Terminator Salvation

Fantastically presented cabinet and game featuring 42" HighDef LCD screen, heavy-duty recoiling rifles featuring a NEW "Clip" action reload feature, and a depth of realism unparalleled in any arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal of weapons by securing numerous powerups including grenades, shotguns, rocket launchers and devastating miniguns. Full time 2 player play coupled with over 1 hour of cinematic gameplay spectacle maximizes high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings. This game will surely delight arcade players and fans of all ages.

Pricing available soon

Ultimate Big Punch


$4500 including GST


Boxing Game

All new, and very exciting game to test the power of your punch against your friends and others. More info and pricing to follow soon. Please direct all enquiries to Nigel & Grant Rimington.